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More efficient spaces through accurate data.

With our occupancy monitoring system, you can understand how your spaces are being used, implement great flexible working policies and redesign the space around your people.
Improve your space
Reduce your costs
More efficient spaces through accurate data
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Improve workplace design

Improve workplace design.

Pilot new ways of working through bespoke space-usage reporting, real-time maps and historical data. Make layout adjustments, change space configurations and determine the right size of meeting rooms.

Improve your business with:

Better employee flexibility
Reduced expenditure
Additional amenities
Smarter space layouts

Building-level occupancy data.

Using advanced people counters sensors we can help you  understand multiple areas of interest, track bi-directional flows of traffic and repurpose underutilised amenties.

Portfolio-wide analytics

Understand space utilisation across any number of assets, contrast and compare them and benchmark performance.

Real-time data

Make timely decisions on staffing, health and safety and building management.
Building-level occupancy data

Improve the spaces you provide through data.

Our hardware

Desk Sensors

Unobtrusive under-desk sensors anonymously record when a workstation is in use, or available. Wireless, long battery life, quick installation, fully supported.
Desk Sensor

Room Sensors

Sensors are placed at height to report whether a work zone is occupied and how many people are in it – including meeting rooms, coffee stations, common areas and more. Wireless, long battery life, quick installation, fully supported.
Room Sensor

Parking Sensors

Weatherproof, sturdy parking sensor. Discrete and low enough for all cars, this sensor reports whether a parking space is in use or available. Wireless, long battery life, quick installation, fully supported.
Parking Sensor

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