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A New Breed of Service Provider Connecting the Dots Between Buildings, Businesses & People

Transforming your workplaces into dynamic, collaborative environments, where flexible cultures actually work for Enterprise and tenants is now a necessity.

We seamlessly integrate IoT devices, using a modular smart workplace platform augmented by a multi-tiered app. This system alongside connectivity services and network analytics – are all built in to your existing business without changing anything.

The real-time data produced gives you greater control over your costs and company. Less guessing and more powerful insights open the doors to improved wellbeing and enhanced productivity for all.

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Office Digitisation

Tech innovation has fuelled new workforce trends and created new workplace norms. To stand out from the crowd, you need to successfully implement flexible working models, backed by occupancy analytics and space utilisation patterns. You need to provide a mobile-first experience and create an environment that boosts wellbeing.

Deliver a differentiated, modern-day, smart workplace that people will love.

Connected Environment

In today’s digital world, workplace experience is only as good as its inter-connectivity, and real estate costs only as optimal as the level of environmental control. You need purpose-built connectivity and Wi-Fi, granular network control as well as real-time access to wellbeing, occupancy, presence and location information.

Provide a high performing, consistent experience in every corner of the building.

People Enablement

Today’s tech savvy workforce demands a seamless, mobile first experience that enables easy, yet secure, access to buildings and facilities, fast self-service on hot desk booking, more control over environmental factors, such as meeting room temperature, and perhaps above all, an active community to join.

Create seamless, consistent engagement and boost wellbeing.

Management Analytics & Control

Maximising return on real estate requires optimum building and space efficiency alongside a great in-building experience. With key insights on CO2, temperature, humidity, occupancy levels, network traffic and load, alongside a user-centric approach to service level agreements, you can make better decisions, faster.

Understand building, network and user insights, and act quickly.

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