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We are a new breed of IoT systems integrator, partnering with best-in-breed technology providers to offer innovative solutions to the growing challenges across diverse sectors of real estate. Whether standalone or integrated, our solutions harness the latest technologies and innovations, to help future proof your assets and operational processes.

We are committed to using our full capabilities to help businesses implement ‘smart’ strategies. Underpinning our IoT stack is our Enterprise-grade connectivity offering - we recognise that it is more important than ever for businesses to have a secure, connected and sustainable future ahead of them.

Smart workplace

Entrenched workplace norms are changing. It is more important than ever to maximise returns on your real estate whilst keeping occupants’ health and wellbeing at the forefront of policy. Use IoT technology to successfully implement flexible working models, collect granular occupancy data, improve user-experience and monitor environmental indicators to work smarter, safer and more connected than ever.

Deliver a differentiated, smart office that people will want to come to work for!

Business Connectivity

In today’s digital world, workplace experience and output are only as strong as the connectivity infrastructure underpinning your business. NCG delivers purpose-built, enterprise grade connectivity and high-density Wi-Fi, as well as granular network monitoring to both landlords and tenants.

Ensure a high performing, consistent experience in every corner of your office or building.

Indoor Air Quality

We are the indoor generation, and the air we breathe impacts directly on our health, wellbeing and cognitive functioning. By monitoring key air quality metrics such as temperature, CO2, TVOCs, PM and more, you can ensure your building or office is optimised to provide the best working conditions for all.

Breathe easy with informed, improved indoor air quality.

Smart Facilities Management

Take the guesswork out of facilities and building management with smart IoT sensors, providing real-time data across the vital signs of your asset. From decibel and electrical monitoring through to leak and legionella detection, smart waste and asset tagging, manage your site via one integrated platform to create a safe and streamlined operation. Keep your employees safe, and your business open, with wearable contract tracing devices for COVID risk mitigation.

Start gaining insights into your asset and optimise your management processes.

Smart CCTV

Start solving key security and business challenges across your premises with smart AI cameras for 24/7, panoramic site coverage. Whether your site is a retail park, distribution centre, educational facility or office block, our machine-learning cameras and advanced data analytics platform will help deliver a safer, smarter and more efficient operation.

Enhance your security capabilities to better protect your assets.

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