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Better air quality makes healthier spaces.

With our indoor air quality monitoring system, we can help ensure that your spaces are safe and healthy for your occupiers - and the data can even be displayed for all to see.
Accurate data
Certified platform
Better air quality makes healthier spaces
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Metrics that matter

Metrics that matter.

Transform the environment of your spaces with our best-in-class indoor air quality monitoring system. Improve your occupants wellbeing, increase your space's energy efficiency and reduce your carbon impact.

We measure a variety of metrics including:

CO2 & Ozone (O3)
Particulate Matter

Get recognised for your air quality.

With our air quality monitoring system, we are providing a device that has been tested and certified by a number of different air quality standards.

RESET and so much more

Our devices and our data platform are both RESET™ certified and are fully compliant with Air Rated, WELL v2, LEED and Fitwel.

Attract occupiers

With occupiers demanding better air quality, prove your credentials with our sensors and dashboard.
Get recognised for your air quality
Quality certification from organisations around the world...
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Protect your occupiers and reduce your emissions.

Our hardware

Air Quality Sensors

With our discrete advanced air quality sensor, we're able to provide you with live air quality readings throughout a space without intruding on the occupier's space. The sensor can measure PM2.5, PM10, TVOC, CO2 and Temperature.
Indoor Air Quality Sensor

Display Air Quality

With our Advanced Air Quality sensor and display unit, you can both measure and display the results. The sensor gathers data on PM2.5, PM10, TVOC, CO2 and Temperature and displays it all on its interactive display.
Indoor Air Quality Display

Environmental Sensors

With our environmental sensors, you can measure the core internal conditions including CO2, internal temperature and relative humidity.
Indoor Environmental Sensor

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