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Let us worry about managing the WiFi.

Managing the internal WiFi and LAN networks is a crucial but distracting task. Take the hassle out of it with our managed service - let us take care of keeping you connected so you can worry about growing your business.
Fully managed WiFi
Guaranteed coverage
Let us worry about managing the wifi
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Reduce infrastructure management cost

Reduce infrastructure management cost.

We provide everything your business needs to stay connected to the WiFi - from professional networking equipment to 24/7 helpdesk support and expert network engineers. We sort any problems and you get a predictable price month to month.

Receive a service with:

SLA protected response times
24/7 helpdesk support
Bring your own device setups
Up-to-date security patching

Guaranteed WiFi coverage.

With a heatmap as standard, we use the latest technology to ensure that your entire space gets good coverage - so nobody will be left without service.

24/7 service monitoring

We monitor your service 24/7 to ensure that you always have a connection and we can even spot when users are having trouble connecting.

Get the fastest WiFi

With the latest WiFi6 access points, we can give you the fastest, most stable connection.
Guaranteed WiFi coverage

Make sure your office always stays connected.

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We work with companies across multiple industries, geographies and sizes. Always delivering the high quality products and services that keep their businesses growing.

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