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A single integrated system for hybrid workplaces.

With our implementation of SpaceTi, we can help you to bring your offices into the digital age. With a modern space management platform, combined with IoT sensors, you can satisfy more people with less space.
SpaceTi managed service
Integrated environment
Single integrated system for hybrid workplaces
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Transform your space

Transform your space.

With our SpaceTi deployment, your existing office can be truly digitised. Turn your office into a flexible office space with remote booking tools, live data on availability and a host of other key features.

Allow your team to access:

Remote booking
Live office maps
Community hub
Facility issue reporting

Make your workplace data-driven.

With live sensor technology and the data infrastructure to analyse it, we're able to give you access to accurate, reliable data on space utilisation, occupancy rates and trends and even space heatmaps over time.

Understand your office

With meeting room, desk and floor level occupancy analytics, you're able to understand how your office is being used - and how that changes over time.

Make data-based decisions

24/7 space utilization reporting allows you to test changes, spot issues and make decisions based on what is happening, not what is being said.
Make your workplace data-driven

The whole package for managing traditional offices.

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