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Making your spaces smarter and safer.

With our state-of-the-art smart security system, we can help ensure that you keep your spaces safe and secure. Whether that's monitoring a threshold, deploying state of the art SALTO smart locks or remotely talking with suspicious characters.
Smart security
Designed around your space
Making your spaces smarter and safer
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Protect what matters with intelligent security

Protect what matters with intelligent security.

With our flexible smart access control system, anyone with a smart phone can be sent a digital key. Ensure guests are signed in and out automatically - and without the danger of physical guest passes. Better yet, all of our access controls integrate straight into a host of platforms including Nexudus making it easy for you to manage entry and exit.

Receive a service with:

Digital user roles
Specific area access
Data on activity
Remote door control

Better data whilst reducing costs.

We provide landlords with a smart security system that reduces human error as well as costs incurred through theft, vandalism or petty crime. Get accurate and reliable data on your space's usage and reduce your security-related costs all whilst ensuring your occupiers remain safe and secure.

Reduce the necessary on-site personnel

With comprehensive remote access, multiple sites can be surveilled at once from a central location.

Smarter security cameras

With our range of panoramic and thermal AI cameras we've got your space covered from all angles.
Better data whilst reducing costs

A smart security system you can count on.

Our hardware

Panoramic Cameras

We can provide a number of different panoramic cameras depending on the requirements. All of our cameras support remote monitoring.
Panoramic Camera

Thermal Cameras

We provide a number of different thermal cameras depending on the application and space it needs to cover. All of our cameras support remote monitoring.
Thermal camera

Infrared Cameras

Featuring starlight and smart infrared technology to ensure accurate monitoring, day and night. All of our cameras support remote monitoring.
Infrared Camera

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