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Ensure you always have connectivity with 5G.

With 5G connectivity, sites can be live in a matter of days. After go live, our mobile connectivity ensures business continuity by automatically switching when a fibre outage is detected - ensuring you always stay connected.
Solid backup connectivity
Rapid deployment
Ensure you always have connectivity with 5G
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A quick and flexible jumpstart connection

A quick and flexible jumpstart connection.

Our mobile connectivity can be installed in less than a day with very high speeds available. We can therefore scale with your business on demand. We can also ensure that when there are limited existing hardwired options, your business doesn't have to slow down.

We deliver a service that has:

Quick install times
Flexible and Scaleable solutions
Unlimited Data
High Speeds

Resilient 5G Connectivity.

With our mobile internet deployments, you get backup connectivity straight from the source. Ensuring you can enjoy up to 1Gbps speeds without wires.

Ultra fast connectivity

When Fibre connections are not feasable, we're experts in running sites with 5G alone.

24/7 Support

We monitor our services 24/7 so there is always someone looking out for you and your business. Any issues and we're just a phone call away.
Reslient 5g connectivity

Make sure your business never goes offline with mobile connectivity.

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We work with companies across multiple industries, geographies and sizes. Always delivering the high quality products and services that keep their businesses growing.

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