Smart Workplace

Optimise your workplace with an end-to-end, integrated IoT solution to increase efficiency, productivity, and health.

Use a data-driven approach to successfully implement safe, flexible working models. Take control of key environmental factors to boost wellbeing and provide a user-friendly mobile experience to empower your employees.

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IoT Smart Stones

Occupancy smart stones provide real-time information on desk, meeting room and parking space availability whilst wellbeing sensors monitor indoor environmental factors – ensuring a seamless, comfortable workplace experience.

All-in-one, multi-tiered web dashboard

Manage a single office location or your entire property portfolio through a user-friendly, white-labelled analytics portal. Understand resource requirements at a team, departmental and company level whilst ensuring a safe, controlled return to work for all building users.

Community mobile app

Deliver a truly connected, engaging tenant experience throughout your office with a single community app that connects facility managers, office managers and individuals in real time.

Did you know?

89% of British workers believe flexible working would boost their workday productivity levels.

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Real-time Data and Historic Trends

Understand granular occupancy levels, space utilisation and environmental factors over any time span. Make management and resource allocation decisions based on actual data. Gain control over your office with an informed view on how best to manage your space, reduce operational costs and enhance safety measures.

Empower Your Employees

Choose to gather passive data across your space to inform management decisions, or take things one step further by giving employees the ability to book rooms, workstations and parking spots through the mobile-app. Empower employees to manage their own working environment to ensure they feel safe and in control.

Streamline Costs

Optimise space utilisation and user-to-desk ratio, reduce time and operational costs associated with maintaining unused space, eliminate the frustrations associated with double-bookings, inadequate space size, hot desk positioning or poor environmental factors.

Powered by Spaceti

Spaceti Smart Stones

Desk Sensor

Unobtrusive under-desk sensors anonymously record when workstation is in use, or available. Wireless, long battery-life, quick installation, fully supported.

Room Sensor

Sensors placed at head height to report whether a work zone is occupied or not – including meeting rooms, coffee stations, common areas and more. Wireless, long battery-life, quick installation, fully supported.

Parking Sensor

Weatherproof, sturdy parking sensor. Discrete and low enough for all cars, this sensor reports once whether a parking space is in use or available. Wireless, long battery-life, quick installation, fully supported.

Wellbeing Sensor

Sensors placed at head height to capture temperature, humidity, and CO2 across your office. Wireless, long battery-life, quick installation, fully supported.

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