Smart Facilities

Smart IoT sensors gather real-time data across the vital signs of your asset.

Take the guesswork out of facilities and building management. Our IoT sensors gather real-time information on the functioning of your entire asset, ensuring its long-term health and sustainability, as well as promoting the wellbeing of those within it. Protect against preventable crises, avoid risks to building users and physical assets, and shield yourself against liabilities in a post-covid world.



Enhanced Data Collection

Gather data across your facilities to enable predictive cleaning, leak detection, fridge monitoring, legionella prevention, smart waste disposal and much more. Monitor temperature, humidity, noise and light parameters to ensure your assets and staff are operating in an optimum environment.

Contract Tracing

Our wearable contract tracing solution avoids the pitfalls of systems relying on smartphones, instead using inexpensive Bluetooth beacons, long-range scanner and low-power LoRaWAN networks to securely collect information about “encounters” to provide anonymised, searchable audit trails.

Contactless, Frictionless

Keep infection risk to a minimum with touch free entry systems, access passes and feedback plaques which ensure your facilities can continue to operate safely.

Did you know?

By 2025, improvements in operations driven by IoT applications could be worth more than $470 billion per year (IDC, 2019)

Improve Control over your Facilities

Obtain real-time data and alerts from across your asset or portfolio, consolidated into one user-friendly dashboard to improve facilities management, enhance efficiencies and streamline processes.

Cost Avoidance

Streamline operational costs and ensure quick response times to incidents such as leakages or electrical outages to prevent loss of goods or damaged equipment.

Enact Health First Policy

React quickly to infection risk, should a COVID case occur at your facility. Understand which individuals have been in contact with each other and ensure they are notified. Reduce liabilities and provide peace of mind for all building users while continuing to protect security and privacy.


Long-life, wireless IoT sensors collect anonymised data across your facilities

Quick deployment – easy to install by non-technical teams

Discrete installation

No cameras involved

LoRaWAN gateway installed to enable data connectivity

Data delivered into analytics dashboard or available via API

Did you know?

Industrial IoT will be the biggest driver of growth and innovation over the next decade (Accenture, 2015)

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