Enable people to access systems, information, services and interact using a single app

Provide a mobile-first experience. Enable secure, mobile-based access, easy hot desk or meeting room bookings, guided indoor navigation, one-click environmental control and more. Build an active community and a seamless communication stream.

Spaceti & HID

Access Control


Replace outdated physical access cards with mobile-based access. Eliminate the frustration, management overhead and costs associated with forgotten, lost or stolen access cards alongside the need to issue new ones or revoke access.


Remove the blind spot associated with physical access cards that are more susceptible to misuse or theft, leading to potential undetected breaches. Mobile-based access requires physical device presence as well as two-step authentication.


Enable people to access multiple office buildings, meeting rooms as well as lockers, creating a great experience. Get real-time insights on who is in the building and accessing various spaces or facilities, making it easy to track presence and movement.

Did you know?

Meeting room utilisation is on average only 39% of available space with ‘favourite’ meeting rooms being overused leaving vast amounts of under-utilised space throughout offices.


Hot Desk Booking

Real-time availability

Enable people to see real-time hot desk availability and book one in advance or on the spot, ensuring a seamless experience when it comes to flexible working.

Easy navigation

Make it easy for people to locate hot desks and navigate to them. Enhance their experience by adding meeting rooms, devices/ facilities, peers and parking spaces to the mix.

Less overheads

Reduce time and cost overheads associated with managing flexible or shared space bookings and providing directions. Boost efficiency, productivity and satisfaction.


Community Builder

Promote interaction

Make it easy for people to discover others within the building, reach out and meet peers as well as join in-building or local events that are of interest. Let people generate their own content.

Simplify communication

Enable people to send suggestions, share ideas about workplace improvements, provide feedback, report facility or system related issues. Send notifications and post news within seconds.

Enhance experience

Go beyond the building and provide people with timely, useful information about the surrounding area, including shop locations, services, promotions and discounts available.

Did you know?

83% of global workers believe that technology advances have enabled them to be more productive.



Monitored environment

Sustain wellbeing and productivity throughout the day by checking environmental values regularly and optimising values based on real-time occupancy levels.

Better control

Adjust lights, heating, ventilation and air conditioning alongside window blinds across every floor, open or closed office space and meeting rooms from a single app.

Healthier workforce

Keep people healthy and happy by enabling them to adjust the environment based on their needs and preferences before or after getting to a designated space.

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