Simplify office digitisation with an end-to-end, integrated solution

Use a data-driven approach to successfully implement flexible working models and policies. Take control over key environmental factors to boost wellbeing. Provide a mobile-first experience that empowers and delights people day-in, day-out.


Flexible Working

All-in-one, multi-tiered app

Manage your entire property portfolio or office locations alongside in-building experience from a single app that can be white labelled in line with your brand identity. Enable seamless self-service throughout the building.

Successful flexible policies

Occupancy, presence and location smart stones provide real-time information on desk and meeting room availability as well as location of shared devices or parking spaces, making it easy for everyone to have a great experience.

Powerful integrations

Future-proof your office digitisation strategy by using an Open API solution that allows easy integration with booking and reservation systems, CAFM and IWS systems, external data management and warehousing systems - SAP.

Did you know?

89% of British workers believe flexible working would boost their workday productivity levels.


Mobility First

Intuitive mobile app

Deliver a truly connected, engaging experience throughout the office, shared spaces and overall building facilities with a single mobile app that connects facility managers, office managers and individuals in real-time.

Seamless experience

Provide modern, mobile-based building access, enable people to find peers, view and book vacant desks and meeting rooms, submit issues or suggestions, join the building community, discover news and promotions.

Improved service

Send timely notifications on any facility related issues, events or discounts, create surveys and get feedback quicker, adjust temperature and light based on real-time occupancy levels to boost productivity and satisfaction.


Improve Wellbeing

Environmental control

Get key insights on temperature, humidity and Co2 levels via a simple BMS integration and control lights, heating or ventilation based on real-time occupancy in individual parts of the building to provide a healthy workspace, whilst optimising building efficiency and associated energy costs.

User centricity

Give people control over key environmental factors in meeting rooms or designated spaces, catering for more individualised requirements and boosting productivity. No room to hot or too cold, no blinds too high, no lack of fresh air, not a place where people have to work, but want to work.

Just-in-time control

Combine occupancy analytics reports with wellbeing controls to set the temperature or lighting levels in any part of the building just before people are meant to arrive and start using a space in order to reduce illness rates and overall discomfort.

Did you know?

Harvard Business School researchers compare the outcomes of flexible work
arrangement at the US Patent and Trademark Office and found that employees with
liberal ‘work from anywhere’ arrangements were 4.4% more productive than those
following a more traditional ‘work-from-home’ policy.


Occupancy Analytics

Short and long-term analytics

Understand occupancy levels, space utilisation and user movement over various periods of time, throughout the building, down to meeting room or hot desk levels. Schedule reports and visualise data at regular intervals to optimise space and operational costs.

Real-time hot desking analytics

Access information on hot desk availability on any floor at any given moment and enable easy booking and guided localization via an intuitive mobile app. Compare presence and location data over time to manage or improve space effectively.

Data-driven improvements

Optimise space utilisation and user-to-desk ratio, reduce time and operational costs associated with maintaining unused space, eliminate the frustrations associated with double-bookings, inadequate space size, hot desk positioning or environmental temperature.

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