Management Analytics
and Control

Make better, faster decisions by relying on accurate, real-time, granular data

Optimise building efficiency, space utilisation, in-building experience and boost wellbeing. Deliver a differentiated, modern-day workplace without the need for a high investment or significant change in existing infrastructure, systems or fitout.


Building analytics


Capture and analyse key insights on air quality – humidity, temperature, Co2, tVOC and combine them with occupancy analytics to optimise operational costs.


Get real-time information on environmental values across all floors at various intervals of time to keep utilities under control, spot and address any potential issues.


Create, customise and schedule regular reports on key environmental values to drive wellbeing, boost productivity and ensure a healthy environment.

Did you know?

57% of real estate stakeholders worldwide believe automation, Big data and data analysis will have the biggest impact on the industry.

Spaceti & Aerohive

User Analytics


View and compare short- and long-term occupancy analytics alongside hot desk and meeting room utilisation patterns in order to optimise space and costs.


Get a thorough understanding of high-density spaces and time intervals in order to optimise in-building experience – from environmental factors to connectivity.


Measure engagement levels across different spaces within the building and determine sought-after characteristics and analyse movement to avoid congestion.


Network Analytics

Optimise performance

Use real-time insights on network traffic and load to optimize it and deliver a high-quality, continuous service performance in every corner of the office or building.

Prevent issues

Access key insights on spare ports, network capacity and sure-path mapping based on real-time connectivity and Wi-Fi monitoring to detect and prevent potential issues.

Get the full picture

Integrate connectivity and wi-Fi monitoring with your existing service management system to get a full understanding of infrastructure performance and user satisfaction.

Did you know?

>50% of real estate stakeholders worldwide agree tech innovation helps improve building performance, lower costs and boost engagement.

Entuity & As Consumed SLA

Service Level Assurance

As consumed

Traditional SLAs cover building wide connectivity, looking at whether or not the service is live. However, connectivity may be up and Wi-Fi either inaccessible or lacking in performance. As consumed SLAs guarantee seamless access and performance at user level across the building.


Our SLA is built with multi-tenant environments in mind. We review and advise on access point locations and help you optimise them without significant costs. We can implement monitoring on your existing connectivity and Wi-Fi setup and flag any potential issues that can disrupt users.

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