Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air and Environment monitoring to drive your enhanced healthy workplace

We are the indoor generation, spending up to 90% of our time indoors. The air we breathe therefore has a significant impact on our cognitive functioning, overall wellbeing and productivity. Ensuring healthy buildings is thus a core responsibility for landlords and employers alike. Gather provable data on indoor air quality and monitor the performance of your building through our Certified Air Quality solution.

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Air Quality Sensors

Capture and understand data on temperature, humidity, light, CO2, TVOCs and PM across your building to promote healthy indoor air quality for your occupiers. Continuously monitor the performance of your filtration systems to ensure optimum comfort and wellbeing.

Advanced Analytics Platform & Reporting

User-friendly dashboard to visualise your air quality data over time with email and text alerts for when parameters are breached. The data enables your business to react to problem areas effectively, set predictive maintenance of building systems and highlight your improvements over time against industry standards to stakeholders.

Employee Engagement

Enable occupier engagement to supplement your quantitative data with qualitative feedback. Occupiers can log feedback to provide subjective opinions on comfort levels throughout the office. This gives management a holistic, informed view on air quality and enables a quick reaction to problem areas.


Certified Buildings

Our RESET Certified Air Quality sensors capture data across the necessary metrics required to start you on the path for RESET, WELL and Fitwell accreditations. Superior buildings with provable data around the provision of safe, healthy indoor air quality attract and retain the best occupiers.

Healthier, Productive People

Multiple studies have shown that poor temperature, high Co2 levels, bad lighting and general discomfort all impact negatively on our health, happiness and productivity. Start putting your people first!

Make Informed Decisions

Start allocating resources wisely and making management decisions based on provable building statistics. Measure the outcomes of remediation strategies and highlight your results!


A combination of battery and PoE powered sensors

Ability to measure temperature, humidity, CO2, light, TVOCs and PM

Data transmitted via LoRaWAN to a gateway

Installation in under 3 minutes

Did you know?

"Indoor air quality—notably involving fresh air and filtration—directly impacts productivity of healthy people and helps mitigate the onset of sick people.” - Harvard Business School, 2020

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