Business Connectivity

Deliver consistent, performant internet access in every corner of your building.

In our digital era, business cannot function without a reliable, stable internet connection.

The NCG team have years of experience in delivering purpose-built connectivity and high-density Wi-Fi to complex, multi-tenanted environments.

Our connectivity offering can be tailored to both landlords and tenants, providing a high-performing, seamless experience in every corner of the building.

Did you know?

85% of SME’s find productivity impacted by poor connectivity (Censuswide, 2019)


High Density Wi-Fi

Consistent experience

Provide secure, seamless Wi-Fi access that delivers a consistent, performant experience in every corner of the building, regardless of the number of users even at peak times. Eliminate single points of failure and bottlenecks.

Smart architecture

AI-driven Wi-Fi architecture capable of self-organizing, self-learning, self-healing and self-optimizing in the most challenging multi-tenant environments. Context-based access security, traffic optimization, meshing algorithms.

Centralised management

Access Points are centrally managed using an out-of-band cloud network management system that also features real-time heatmaps of network traffic, helping identify and better manage high density areas.

Deep Network Control

Unified network management

Unify network management and get carrier grade monitoring at a granular level to support the ever-increasing traffic across your multi-tenant multi-device environments.

End-to-end monitoring

Remove the complexity behind monitoring and managing switches, routers, hubs, servers, firewalls, wireless controllers, load balancers and high number and type of devices.

Support new trends

Make it easy to implement BYOD policies and IoT devices without compromising on overall network performance or creating IT management overhead. Get a user-level SLA.

Did you know?

77% of tenants would sign a longer lease in a building with superior connectivity infrastructure. (WiredScore, 2017)

Colt & Openreach

Resilient Internet

Enterprise grade

Benefit from an enterprise-grade architecture, performance and resilience built with multi-tier environments in mind.


Accommodate different business needs with ease when it comes to shared or dedicated bandwidth, speed, security, redundancy, compliance & SLAs.

Always on

We work with multiple, top-tier providers to ensure it’s always business as usual for you, without any disruptions in connectivity services.

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