The Network Control Group

We are PropTech System Integrators on a mission to simplify the delivery of smart, networked offices

We connect the dots between buildings, businesses and people using IoT devices, a modular smart workplace platform augmented by a mobile app, connectivity services and analytics. Ensuring they work seamlessly with your existing systems, giving you more experiential control and access to powerful insights. Helping you optimise real estate costs, implement a new workplace culture, boost wellbeing and productivity.

Thomas Proctor Profile

Thomas Proctor

Formerly of The Excell Group and BMC Software. Thomas focusses on an ambitious strategy and the developing of NCGs industry leading proposition.

Nick Robinson Profile Photo

Nick Robinson

Formerly of IBM, Capgemini and Colt. Nick brings extensive commercial skills along with sales intelligence to drive NCG forward.

Piotr Malinowski Profile

Piotr Malinowski

Formerly of The Excell Group and Verne Global. Piotr brings an extreme level of technical skill rarely seen in the UK PropTech market.